Restart from Brighton

“Living more cheaply”

Since arriving at Brighton, the UK, I have slightly got used to a different life. As being told before, I have found the higher prices of everything encouraging me not to buy many things at first. But you can live withought buying such expensive stuffs, of course. Obviously, some stores sell staple items cheaper and others offer papers or books with more reasonable prices, which is great. For example, I buy a newspaper, THE TIMES, for 25p out of 70p everyday and have had a whole bread for 10p and eggs for free. It is absolutely important to know where to buy what you want.

By the way, I have found a great news in the paper today, which says ‘Cheaper groceries despite soaring costs’. Everything is going well.

2 years ago

Last weekend, I went to see my old friends in Tokyo after Yokohama for a meeting called ‘Student Summit’. One of my friends who I really missed was not there at that time, but I enjoyed having plenty of kimchi stew and talking to them about our future, goals and love stories during the whole night.