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Potential impacts of Indonesia’s social security reforms on the administration of social security institution

I visited one of the BPJS Employment (BPJS-TK) offices to learn about the implementation of social insurance programmes in Indonesia. BPJS-TK has different offices with various functions. This office is the first-class office, which is the largest branch office after the head office. The office has about 30 staff members, including 20 staff members working in the membership division and 10 staff members working in the service division. The service division staff members are divided into two groups: three officers provide front-end services, and the rest provide back-office support.

Indonesia’s recent social security reforms

In recent years, Indonesia has made significant strides in reforming its social security system, with a focus on enhancing protection for workers and their families. The Government of Indonesia (GoI) has introduced a series of policy measures aimed at addressing key challenges in the areas of unemployment protection, old-age income security, and maternity benefits.

Extending social security to taxi drivers in Jakarta

Bluebird Taxi is the biggest, most trusted and most famous taxi company in Jakarta. With millions of Bluebird Taxi on the road, it is impossible to avoid them and every foreigner visiting Jakarta is bound to take a Bluebird at least once. For expats stationed in Jakarta, Bluebird has become an everyday vehicle, and we always take a taxi for a short trip around the city.

Extending social insurance coverage in Japan: The role of the labour and social security attorney system (Sharoushi)

Labour and Social Security Attorneys, known in Japan as “Sharoushi,” function independently, akin to solicitors, under the supervision of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Their expertise lies in social insurance and labour issues. Japan has a community of 45,000 Sharoushi, and an annual national examination is conducted to recruit new members to […]

Job losses and income security in Myanmar

Multiple shocks of COVID-19, the military takeover and a surging global price of food, oil and other commodities have significantly hit the lives of Myanmar people since 2020. The post Job losses and income security in Myanmar first appeared on The Povertist.