“What’s education”

Today was the last day for me to teach kids at an institute where I was working for 3 months. My students were almost 30; 10 to 14 years old, and none of them were kinds of stupid. All of them have both good abilities and weak points. I have never said, “Don’t do that!” or “Do that as I said!” although some co-workers told their kids like that. But there is a question. ‘How do you know whether you are right or your kids are right?’

When I taught one of my pupils how blood ran inside us, he told me, “It is similar to our society y. There are many elders being thrown away after retiring while the younger are working hard.” He thought fresh bloods as younger people and old bloods thorown out of bodies as older people.

My boss thoughts he was not good at studying but I didn’t. In fact, it was not easy to teach and make him concentrate. Now we have to think about the reason why it was difficult. The thing is he had a lot of questions and interests everytime and wanted to ask those. He had his own ideas. I love answering those.

Anyway, this work has given me some ideas on education. Thanks and good luck to my kids.